Waumba Land – Land of the Creator


“Waumba” is a pretty funny word. The first time I heard it I instantly thought of that the band Chumbawamba… right? I personally think our “Waumba” is better though… and our website is definitely superior.


Waumba means Creator in Swahili. So “Waumba Land” means “Land of the Creator.”

In terms of our website that’s what we attempted to do, create very cool “environments” for our children (or the parents of the children) to visit.

So check it out! WaumbaLand.org!

I’ve screen capped the site for posterity here because it just looks great, and my daughter is absolutely loving what the Waumba Land Team does week in and week out by creating irresistible environments for the kids.

My church is awesome. Does your church create great digital environments that mirror the mission and vision of the real environments?