Coaching is Like Wave Jumping

There’s nothing boring about wave jumping, right? Roenne and I spent a lot of time doing just that every single day that we were on vacation, multiple times, and it never got old.

And my role is very important you know – because I’m more than just a friend and a willing participant in the up-down up-down, I’m a guide, a mentor, a support system, and an encourager as I am able to be there for her when she wants to move even deeper into the ocean.

I love that process by the way because I get to watch her become more brave in real-time as I provide the much-needed moral support as well as ready and steady arm to grab if the next wave is particularly large.

I believe that the best coaches do just that: They provide a much-needed assist, if necessary, but never force it upon those that they serve. They guide, provide insight, perspective, and even a little encouragement to go farther than once thought possible but they know that it’s not them going deeper into the waters, so to speak, but rather the responsibility of those that they are coaching.

I hope to continue to encourage both of my daughter to swim deeply in the areas that fascinate them and make them incredibly curious. I want to be there when they need a boost to get over the next wave of challenges they might face. But I’m also going to allow them to conquer and face them alone, if they want, knowing that I’m only inches away if they fall.

A good coach (and father, perhaps) isn’t a crutch or a life-support system but rather a model of availability and access. Not pushy nor dogmatic about implementation and execution but wise counsel and even a good laugh when the going gets tough.

We need more coaches like these in all of our lives (and we need more than just one I might add). We also need to be these types of coaches for others.

So, the challenge for you today is to consider these two things:

  • Who is coaching you and helping you make the best of the waves that are coming your way?
  • Who are you coaching and encouraging to survive and thrive through the the endless onslaught of life’s challenges?

There is no better time to fulfill both of these than now.