In a Way That is True

So true:

Whether it’s at work, or through hobbies, or simply in the way that we live, we, too, are always expressing fragments of who we are. A big part of living a fulfilling life is doing so in a way that is true.

Isadora Duncan via Design Luck

Yes, yes, and more yes.

I was chatting with my brother about this just the other day and how there are just some things that, at this point in our lives, feel pretty “set” and fundamental to who we are, respectively, as people.

For instance, there is a high probability that I will always tinker, always write a little bit of software for the rest of my life, just because I really enjoy it and it’s a way that I express who I am, in a very simple and true manner.

And this:

Accept the immoderation of genius. Genius isn’t a way of being. It’s more of an act, and it comes through when a person with certain skills and abilities is matched to the right environment. Nobody is a genius everywhere, and almost all of us have some immoderate form of it. The task is to recognize where that is and double down on it.

I think about person-market fit all the time and how that model becomes much more important the older you get and the more experience you have.

But even more than that, it becomes (or should become) an even bigger part of our decision-making model(s) because our time is becoming both more limited (i.e. we’re running out of time) and our recognition of what really “works” for us becomes even more apparent as we grow in wisdom and emotional intelligence.

We eventually (finally?!) realize that there are very few things within our control but the few things that are inside of our control are very, very important and powerful.

Recognizing all of this is part of growing up, hopefully… maybe. We just need to do it in a way that is true.