Weave: Concierge Networking The Way It Should Be

If you’re like me then you’re probably trying out new products and services and apps all the time.

Whether it’s for personal or professional needs isn’t the question as these things tend to blend together more and more these days, but it’s just fun to see what everyone else is building and to experiment with new forms of technology and user engagement.

And, again, if you’re like me, then most of the new apps that I try don’t stick around much longer than a day (or two), at best. I treat them as “single serve” type encounters and they either work or they don’t, they either delight or they disappoint.

Perhaps that’s too harsh, but, the reality is that most new apps can’t seem to find a permanent fixture in both use or my schedule, the latter being hyper-important as it’s a resource that’s truly limited and scarce.

That’s why Weave is fascinating to me because the product / service has not only stuck with me but it requires me to give up my most precious asset: My time.


Weave is a professional networking service that takes a concierge-like approach to connecting you with people that you want to connect with.

Through a simple profile (you should definitely fill it out completely!) and then a few choices of who you’d like to meet (and times) you are instantly given a “white glove” type of experience that’s been entirely refreshing.


In fact, I’ve been to 5 Weave Meetings already and it would have been 6 if I wasn’t out of town (and I was disappointed to have missed it).


The pairings and meetings have been so good that it’s only encouraged me to open my schedule up more so that I don’t miss a crazy-awesome introduction to someone that can create mutual-value.

And Weave makes it easy with their simple profile and dashboard (please keep it trim and stay away from “bloat”).


As you can see above, I’ve chosen to make myself available for every slot on the calendar and I go one step further in blocking those times out in advance so that I can say “Yes” to a weekly meeting:


What’s great is that “Lisa,” the friendly, intelligent, and part-human-part-AI system notifies me about matches early in the week and so I can just remove the saved slots for other meetings that I need as the week progresses.

But the point is this: The concierge pairings have been sooooo good that I’ve intentionally blocked it off so I don’t miss one through double-booking. Crazy, but this service has not only stuck with me but I’ve been willing to give it calendar real estate within the first few encounters.


Keeping the network super-tight and high-value is something that the Weave team thought through and so you only get a handful of invites when you first start. I’ve been hoarding them but have given out 2 of the 3 that I first started with – perhaps I’ll get a few more once I bottom out.

Everything that Brian Ma and the Weave Team is doing has been spot-on and I’ve been made an instant fan. My hope is that they can continue to keep the network high-value, high quality and that the controls that they bring to the system continue to focus on their core user experience – there’s a gem here that has yet to be fully explored.

In a world that’s continuing to move away from IRL interactions, Weave is bringing a fresh (and effective) networking service among a sea of copycats. I’m a fan.