3 Tips to Remember When Using Google Webmaster Tools

We’ve been going through Google Webmaster Tools for the last week or so and at this time you’re most likely really bored of it.

Sure, I get that! Heck, it’s not the most fun place to hang out all the time but you do understand the point and value at this time, right? And, you’ve probably begun to appreciate the fact that it’s not that difficult to manage or even learn for that matter and yet it’s got incredible power that can help you optimize your blog in very beneficial ways.

Now that’s something you’ll want to get behind.

So, as I wrap up this small and succinct series I wanted to leave you with 3 tips that’ll solidify any teachings that you’ve received through this series into some actionable steps for improvement.

1. Schedule and Commit

The biggest thing that I tell bloggers in regards to stuff like this is that they must schedule a time to engage with something like this and commit to it so that it becomes a habit.

For starters, doing something like this once a month is all you probably have to do – just set up a calendar reminder in whatever application you use, whether it’s Google Docs or Outlook or Apple Mail, and set it for the first of each month. Done.

Now, go back to writing!

2. Don’t Underestimate Value

Most people I talk to when asked whether or not they manage their sites in Google Webmaster Tools is that they ultimately don’t see the value in spending too much time or that they feel like they “don’t have time” to do that with all the other things they’ve got going on.

Well, I’ve fixed the last part about “time” – the next part I can’t help but wonder “really?” Even if you were to just review the “broken links” section that helps you correct some major search engine optimization issues is enough for most everyone to say “Hey, I need to do this regularly!”

Don’t underestimate the power and value of this free application – you really won’t know what the benefit and increase of traffic will be like until you try it – and then you’ll be hooked.

3. Keep Expectations Reasonable

A final note is that there’s another side of the camp that gets “depressed” when they don’t see tangible over-night success when they first walk through the optimization steps. For starters, it takes Google some time to update their results after you’ve made changes so you’ll just have to practice patience and secondly you’ll have to remember that you’re competing against sites that have optimized their blog a long time ago – you’re just getting caught up.

You may not see much of an increase at first or even for the first few months. But constant optimization will yield results. Fixing those broken links will yield results. Just be patient, be optimistic, and keep writing.

Thanks guys for letting me walk through this tool with you! Love it. Now, what should we walk through next?

[This is part of the Bloggers Guide to Google Webmaster Tools.]