Wedding Pictures

The following can be viewed as a picture story of the events that occured on September 3rd, 2005.
It follows these events:

Project: XANGA

-Wedding Setup
-Rehearsal Dinner
-Morning of the Wedding
-Sue’s Make-up
-John’s Devotional/Prayer
-Getting Ready
-Guys and Girls Posed
-Family Pictures

The following will be a heavy page as well. 32megs.  At least it’s
not the 631 pictures which totalled, raw file size, of amost 1.6gigs…
So, don’t blow yourself nor your computer up.  That would be terrible.

Also… Does anyone else have any pictures?  Be good to see some others.

Also… Does anyone have some pictures from the ‘night that never happened?’



Below is a link to the 600 pictures taken by Van Hoo, our photographer.
I was given a notice by xAnGa that my site was causing load-balancing errors
on their central servers and having secondaries perform primary dns lookups.
They threatened to remove me and ban my account.