Weighted Shirts

My life is so fucking busy right now… that I can’t even take a moment to celebrate a major personal victory: I, and my family, are 100% debt free.

I’m so grateful for my father who was able to help me during a very dark period of my life. And, looking back, one of the biggest regrets is that I didn’t write about the 3.5 year hell-on-earth ordeal that myself and my family went through as we fought an illegitimate audit via the IRS.

Not one… single… time.

… that is so uncharacteristic of me!

Do you know why?

Shame. Guilt. Sadness. Fear. Jesus Christ, it was the worst.

TL;DR: They argued that I owed > $1M+ in back taxes!

They were wrong and they didn’t care. They punished me psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Even to this day if I receive an envelope that looks like a legal-sized IRS audit doc… I will melt to the floor in fear.

And, I may live with this PTSD for the rest of my life. I spent well-over $250,000+ dollars in legal and accounting fees to defend myself from an organization that didn’t give two-shits about me or my family.


Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

… nearly 8 years later I have finally paid the last remaining balance and we are 100% free and clear. But, here’s the crazy thing: I asked my wife during our walk yesterday if she felt any different now that we were finally done with that nightmare… sadly, I knew what she was going to say because I felt it too.

Living with debt crushes your soul. Live with it long enough and you forget your soul was even crushed. She and I didn’t feel much different — we had learned to live with weighted shirts.