A Rhythm That’s Not Quite Reality

I know that feel, so much.

But, contextually, what Wes Anderson said here was related to his film and directorial style — I’ve watched this 4 times already (and doing it again):


Here are his five, which are fascinating because the higher-order idea is in stark contrast to the specifics that he uses to support and/or justify the meta.

  1. Pull from your past (make it personal, “I’m in the movies”)
  2. Build a world (lots of ideas, customs, do something impossible)
  3. Focus on precision & symmetry (do what you like, continuity)
  4. Find your spark (hold a lot of feeling, research, inspiration can come from anywhere)
  5. Just go shoot (work with friends, do it the way you want, the story you want to tell, don’t compromise)

Honestly, it is all just really a wide open contradiction, which is to admit that what Wes “does” is really only, truly, knowable by Wes, himself. But, we can pull and draw inspiration by the armload.

I love how the video bookends with an example of this obvious tension — in the beginning, Wes shares that his style and the way he builds movies and the themes and the stories that he chooses to tell are, uniquely, outside of his control:

It’s hardwiring that I’m not really able to reconfigure.

But at the end, you hear him share a different sentiment, one of control, choice, and decision-making:

I have tended to say, I think I would rather just do what I love.

Cutting to the chase, I believe that it’s simply both: We have the opportunity to choose who we want to be while acknowledging that there will always be fundamental hardwiring that makes us all distinct and unique in our own ways.

What do we want to do with our lives? Who do we really want to be?

The first half of the answer to these important and timeless questions is that we get to choose while the other half says, at the exact same time, that we’ve been uniquely built and designed for a purpose.

Remember, it’s a tension to be managed, not a problem to be solved and when you find your rhythm it’ll be yours. And to everyone else it won’t match their reality (and vice versa), just the way it should be.