What a lousy bitch

I stare deep into her glassy, emerald colored eyes, wondering if she sees my soul…  probably not, cause she’s a cat… 

I spent an hour just lying there on the ground today, so bored out of my mind and there walks the cat, with her tail held high, and she walks over, and sits down about a foot from my face under the pool table… and im like… wtf…  im gonna play kick-the-cat if you bother me… but she didn’t… she just wanted to chill with me i guess.  so we sat, and we stared, and we stared some more, and i asked her a bunch of questions, and she gave me a yawn one time and a cat-stretch the next… she was as bored as i was i suppose.  but, you know, at least she could have given me a yes or no on those questions i asked her…  just a simple purr or something. but no.  stupid beautiful cat.  i had a very quirky thought that maybe this cat was some grand princess trapped in a cat’s body and all i had to do was say the magic word and whoopie, she would be restored.  i think i was getting a little delerious… need to up the dose on my medicine…  haha. right… anyway, a fairy tale like thing, ya know?… well, maybe you don’t.  but, it was cool.  i gave it a couple rubs and the static built up and i touched her with my other hand and got a nasty shock.  really interesting that the cat doesn’t get shocked my her own static electricity, but i do… what a cool, natural, defense mechanism…  anyway, like any female, later that day she came up to me and with an attitude and a moody demeanor and gave me a nip on the wrist.  what a lousy bitch.  one day they love you and another they just wanna bite you or run you over with a tank.  oh well, i guess thats just the way it is.

later today, i again was shown the ignorance of my ‘rents.  they dont’ know me half as well as they think they do, or half as well as they should i guess.  they were astounded by the fact that i could pop’n’lock… sort of the robot thing.  they were like… when did you learn how to do this…  and i was like, well, thats wehre your money for college is going, so i can learn the street arts of hip-hop.  they weren’t too thrilled.  anyway, i had to do a ‘little’ demonstration of these so called skillz for my ‘rents and my aunt and uncle… i felt like a clown… i was like… what is this, a freak show…  and of course, i was the main attraction.  aight. well, thats just the way it had to be… but, after they left, i had a good freestyle session with petakun and we got back to flarin’.

now im just chatting with the kyoot girl aileen… she just got back from a wedding, and she was the wedding singer…! for real. i know she’s got a great voice, but i never have gotten to hear her… someday.
and ill be off to bed shortly… i dunno why xanga has to be down right now, but it is…
so, ill just have to save this entry in a text file and uplaod it in the morning… yah?


Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]