What is Code?

via Made with Code:

Simply put, code is a tool that lets you write your story with technology. If you can code, you can communicate your ideas with a computer or a program so they can be brought to life in bigger, brighter, and more creative ways.

Why this initiative exists is to help more women and girls engage with this amazing thing that we call code. They exist to…

… inspire girls to see that code can help them pursue their passions, whatever they may be, then hopefully they will begin to contribute their voices to the field of technology for the benefit of us all.

I can get down with that.

I have discovered a vocation, a skill, a focus through software that has allowed me to more than just communicate and create value; it has allowed me to essentially write my own personal story of my own existence and the ratify, in many ways, that existence.

Software has given me an incredible sense of meaning, of purpose. This doesn’t mean, though, that I have much (if anything) figured out. But I’ve been fortunate and blessed to be pointed in the right direction, usually with the help of a ton of guides (e.g. coaches, mentors) that told me not to give up.

I hope to do the same with everyone that I meet, especially with my two girls.