What is Picture Perfect?

Have you ever heard that term “Picture Perfect?” What do you think of when you hear that? For me it is very simple and now with Pressgram it is even easier to make that statement come true.

I spend a great deal of time taking picture of healthy people or things that make me feel healthy. A great deal of my photos are of my grandkids since they seem, some days to make me feel healthy. Of course there are days when that healthy feeling is overshadowed by their yelling, crying and arguments between them and their parents.

The Problem

These arguments between children all under the age of 5 and their parents can be uplifting as in seeing what these kids are able to con out of their parents at such a young age or extremely devastating as my grandkids lose their arguments and the parents win. That’s when Papa (me) has to step in or is consulted by the young ones about what can I do? It pays to be wise at this juncture of life.

The Solution

I take pictures and change the subject. Works every time. It’s something all grandparents should try so they don’t get caught in the middle of world war V or VI. I mean it could be life and death in some instances, so Pressgram to the rescue. Life is back to normal, kids are looking at photos and the parents are mad at Papa because I solved the problem and they didn’t. Papa wins again.

So next time you are in the middle of a kid and parent argument, even your own, break out Pressgram and soothe the situation and enjoy the pictures.