What Made You Live?

While running a PUG (“Pickup Group”) through a mythic level dungeon in World of Warcraft the Party Leader suddenly, without prompt, shot something through party chat that may have shocked a few members of our team but didn’t surprise me one bit.

He shared, with a bunch of total strangers, that he was feeling suicidal:

During a Mythic Dungeon Run...

During a Mythic Dungeon Run…


have you guys ever felt suicidable b4?


i’m a suicide survivor. no joke. so, yes.


what made you live?

From there we started a private discussion (off gen-chat) and he shared with me things that I know all too well. He eventually quit half-way through our run, which was a shame because he was killing it on the DPS (“Damage Per Second”) chart and was a valuable member of our team, and I pinged him one last time to let him know that if he wanted to chat further that we could.

When you’re at your lowest, when life seems unbearable, we will do almost anything, anywhere, for a just a taste of human connection, of empathy, and compassion.

This person decided to share, right in the middle of battle in a video game of all places, that he was struggling and needed someone to talk to. Not-so-strangely, sometimes the safest places to share are the ones where you can be the most anonymous. Social networking and even in the context of massively multiplayer RPG video games allows this to happen.

I hope Mageyoumove finds the help he needs. I was unable to share any sources or links with him (or her) before they logged off so my thoughts and prayers are with them this morning.

I’m so grateful for the friends and family that I have close to me. I’m counting those blessings today. We all have so much to live for… but even so we need to be reminded time and time again.

[If you need help or have feelings of suicide, please read this.]