Here’s What You Do When You Don’t Know What to Write

You just start writing. Anything. Anything at all. You sit, you wrestle with the work because this is your craft. If it was easy, then, everyone would be doing it.

As I stand here (literally) at my make-shift standing desk, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling that I’m not going to get anything done today.

It’s not because I’m unable; it’s because I had such a shitty start to my day. The mind is racing with all of the things that went wrong and how those things will imminently destroy any productivity that comes my way.

But, as I stand here, literally, in front of this computer screen, I’m forcing myself to write something, anything, because that is what I do that most folks will never do: I will work through the discipline of writing, most especially, when things are hard. I will execute. I will endure.

This is, authentically, one of the biggest and most valuable competitive advantages that I have—my decision to do what most folks will not do (or never). I will grind on my art and my work, because it matters to me.

It’s meaningful work because I want to lead a meaningful life.

And so, I hit publish and I’m going to get on with my day.