When Good Men Do Nothing

There have been a few brief moments in my life where I have been able to bear witness to absolute cowardice and glorious failure. I had one of those moments last week.

It’s sad. It’s more than sad, it’s sickening because these moments could have been a moment of true victory for them. They had plenty of room, more than enough room in fact to speak up, to respond appropriately, to act. They had an opportunity to do what they truly believed in their hearts, an opportunity to prove to others, and more importantly to themselves, that they are what they say they are.

And for whatever reason they remain silent; they shamefully watch as things burn, and they become accomplices to gross evil. And I guarantee that in the still of night, as the din of conflict is far behind them, they sigh cowardly, contemplating the demise of their associates and supposed friends, a most despairing realization occurs:

I am a fraud.

Say on dear brother! Preach it to yourself again, and again, and again! And let the Lord deal with you graciously because you deserve none of the grace that He bountifully gives.

I’m tired. I’m weary of watching good men do nothing. I’m tired of being exactly like my colleague, and I’m tired of failing my God and others who desperately need someone to be their voice in a world that demands silence and ignorant submission.

Let us be men of integrity, for if we are not then who are we?

[Image from JakeBouma]