When I Sit In It

I wrote a small love note to myself the other day:

I am not my emotions. I am not my moods. I am not the sum of my parts and neither am I not the sum of all the things that make me special.

When I feel pulled… ripped apart, it feels compulsory, as if I must break and be destroyed (and destroy others in the process). When I sit in that energy, without acting on it, the rage, the sorrow, the fury and confusion… I feel alive.

What’s beautiful… what I’m starting to realize is that I don’t need to do anything with the energy to make it real — I can appreciate it for what it is, in its totality, without cost and without pain.

It’s a power… maybe, even, a super-power. The question, of course, is where I must channel it… where its focused… and in service to whom?

Let’s keep going… you’re doing great.