Deciding When to Quit

This is not a blog post announcing the untimely death of yet-another-app but rather a few random thoughts that have been piling up in the back of my head over the past few months.

The question is simply this: When do you know when to quit?

I thought I had all of these answers pretty set since I’ve done this a few times but every situation is different and especially the context in which those conversations are had changes every single time.

The point is that it’s always hard to know when to quit, even when you’ve got your back against the wall and the firing squad is moments away from blowing you away.

(Wow, that was a really grotesque and morbid metaphor…)

I have always been forthright and honest when it comes to this blog and the things that I’m thinking (as well as doing) and it’s been a struggle to manage all of the challenges of building an app, keeping existing customers happy as well as entertaining new features.

Add the challenge of building another app and another organization as well as trying to be a super-cool dad to two young girls and a decent (hopefully better than decent) husband makes the challenge quite big.

If you were to ask me if I was overwhelmed the easy and definitive answer would be Yes. Would you ask me if I’m having fun and the answer would still be the same.

Startups are fucking hard. I am reminded of this every… single… day.