Where Do You Start?

I have a friend who’s literally rebooting their entire life from zero and is now looking into making money online and through digital technology.

After a chat with them I realized that I was completely unprepared to help them tactically… it was really a challenge to begin to suggest resources and starting points!

And so after fumbling around with some pretty superficial thoughts and suggestions I realized that the best way to get to know an entire new industry and space (and thus, potentially, a career path) is to just jump in with both feet.

When you don’t know where to start you just forget geography or any particular entry point and you start walking. Execution, like most things, is 99% of the game.

And the 1% is sometimes just showing up. The rest kind of works itself out quite nicely. Just start walking… crawl if you have to. Forward momentum is everything.

Besides, what is walking except controlled falling forward?