And That’s Where It Starts…

Epic failures for individuals and organizations do not start as epic failures.

Rather, they begin much, much smaller.

Small, seemingly-insignificant compromises that, over time and in aggregate, become  an unstoppable force that is destined for a massive negative consequence and outcome.

Sexual assault doesn’t start with an outright assault (in most cases) but rather toeing the line of what is reasonable and acceptable and then lightly crossing over that line repeatedly.

And then, emboldened by these small cross-overs, they mature into something much more sinister. Given time, the damage can move from near-inconsequential to the demise of a person and an entire organization.

Financial failures also start in the same way. A purchase here and a purchase there that the person knew they shouldn’t be making. But, they do it anyway.

Or they knowingly turn a blind eye to something suspect and use simple excuses to justify the decisions away. Only later do they come back in the form of a tidal wave.

These are all negative outcauses and outcomes. But, the same thing goes for the flip-side as well. The small, positive deposits into your future that, in the moment, seem almost worthless, but given time blossom into something fantastic.

It’s the philosophy of the one percent. You wake up every single day making the right decisions, especially when no one will ever know about it and no one may ever see it.

It’s still the right call… and that’s where it starts.

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