While the Sun is Shining

As you already now, I’ve booted up my vlog again and already I’ve had some incredible responses from the work that I’ve shared.

For instance, in episode #018 I candidly shared how a conversation with a long-term friend deeply impacted my day and my life:

I thought it would resonate with others and that was confirmed just a few moments later via a comment from William. Here’s his response to the vlog:

So I’ve been really challenged by this video John. I’ve a children’s counsellor that has built up a really good business where I am full, with a waiting list and have spent £0 on advertising. No website, business cards etc. All word of mouth. This is, however a very solitary job. Where I hardly ever have contact with many adults to throw around ideas apart from my clinical supervisor once a month or the teachers in the schools I work in. Recently I’ve been struggling with my own depression and I’ve noticed how I really hid myself away from people during this time, so even in my own time contact with people has been minimal.

I was recently in touch with an old friend who I used to do design work and consultation work for in his business and your experience today really struck a chord with me. You could see on your face and hear in your voice just how important this contact has been for you. As I reflect on my contact with my old friend it felt exactly the same. We are people who are made to connect with other people and when we restrict that we do ourselves a disservice.

It’s really important to invest in these relationships so especially when you are at your lowest you have the right people around you. Fix the roof while the sun is shining.

I’m really enjoying the opportunity to connect with others through Youtube – it wasn’t something that I thought about when I started doing it again, but, it’s a nice outcause of executing and putting things out there.

Who would have thought…?