Whiteboard, Everwhere


Dry erase everywhere!

I’m loving what we’ve done in our office as we’ve applied a layer of IdeaPaint on some of the tables and desks that we have around the office.

I especially like that we’ve put it on the tabletop / standup desk environment that I love to use when there.

As you can see, I can easily concept out new wireframes and ideas without having to move to a whiteboard or even change much of my own body position.

This creative fluidity is exciting for me as it really challenges to notion of having to isolate creativity in regards to environment and tools. This solution is incredibly functional.


Whiteboard all the things!

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?


Love IdeaPaint!

As you might imagine I can quickly jump into my idea instead of having it circulate around my head for too long, which at that point I may have lost some of the ingenuity or freshness of it all.

I'm in love.

I’m in love.

The goal of any creative is to reduce the friction between thought and capture. If you can do this in your environment then you’ll be much better off in the eventual execution of your great idea.

[I’ve expanded on a few thoughts via Soundcloud.]