Honestly, Who Really Cares About Your Blog?

[tentblogger-vimeo 32139785]

I’ve been sent a ton of private emails, direct messages, and Facebook messages asking me for more information on why I really killed off one of my most prominent social media brands and online identities – and how I made it look like such an easy decision.

The answer is that it was an easy decision to make and execute on once I began to really see how I had truly diluted my efforts across the board and how everything was becoming gradually less impactful as I spent more time in too many disparate areas.

Specifically, in terms of my blogs, I realized that I didn’t care much about more than a few of them and that my perception is that others cared much¬†more than they actually have (or ever did). In fact, I cared more about them than the people that were really engaging with them.

But like I shared in the above video, I asked myself some very hard questions:

  • Am I being optimal in the few things that I’m truly passionate about?
  • Am I too diluted in my time and emotional capacity for all that I’m involved in?
  • Do I really want to make a significant impact and a ‘dent in the universe’ or do I just want to be another “good employee” and make a paycheck?

These are just some of the questions that I asked myself and I came out with some very definitive and challenging answers. To be totally honest I knew the answers already before I even asked them.

The on-going challenge now is to continually say “No” to other ideas and new opportunities and commit myself to the art of being laser-focused in the things that I’ve already committed to. In wisdom and in time things will evolve and change but not without great counsel from friends and my family and not without a good distance from the distractions that many diluted projects bring.

I challenge you to go through a season of pruning – it’ll change your life for the better!

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