Who Should We Trust?


Mr Klingemann’s experiment foreshadows a new battlefield between falsehood and veracity. Faith in written information is under attack in some quarters by the spread of what is loosely known as “fake news”. But images and sound recordings retain for many an inherent trustworthiness. GANs are part of a technological wave that threatens this credibility.

Spending too much time thinking about this is, actually, more spooky than I’d like to admit. In fact, it’s probably happening more than both you and I care to admit or truly know.

Doctored and edited images, audio, and video is now part of our lives. The hashtag #fakenews is more than just a joke, it’s an uncomfortable conversation piece underscoring the unsettling possibility that most of what we see and hear is not actually true.

So, how do we stay informed? How do we stay rightly informed? Who are we to trust?