Why Use Google Webmaster Tools?

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The internet is amazing.

I love that beginning! The above short embedded video provided by Google has some clear reasons why one should consider using Google Webmaster Tools for their site and blog.

And yes, it’s ultimately about one thing and one thing only: Traffic. By using Webmaster Tools you’ll be able to more effectively optimize your blog so that you get as much traffic as you possibly can via the largest search engine on the planet.

You’ll either be maximizing certain pages or you’ll be fixing errors. You may opt for to be found (better) in certain geographical regions or languages and even telling Google to “hide” certain pages from the public eye.

All of this can be done with Google Webmaster Tools and is a part of my weekly management of any of the major online blogs and projects that I run because it’s not enough to simply have the tools installed – you must manage it well to keep it running smoothly.

I consider it part of my weekly “checkup,” if you will, for my blog and most of the time I don’t have to do much but occasionally I’ll have to correct some minor issue that will help my blog perform optimally.

The bottom line is quite simple: There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t use Google Webmaster Tools for your blog – there are only upsides and zero downsides. What’s not to love about those odds?

Start getting setup quickly with my comprehensive overview of setting up and verifying your site right here.

[This is part of the Bloggers Guide to Google Webmaster Tools.]