Why I’m Unsubscribing

I was sent this email the yesterday and I wanted to share it here:

Hi John,

Since you asked, I thought I’d let you know the reason for my unsubscribing from your newsletter.

I enjoy reading your newsletter updates but I have lost trust in the Substack platform. I recently received an email from Substack, ironically entitled “Changes to our Terms of Use, Publisher Agreement, and Privacy Policy” in which the email addresses of all recipients, including my own, were revealed in plain text in the email header. I received a light-hearted follow-up email from them, owning up to the error, which was not quite the apology I was expecting. I asked them for a list of the newsletters I’m subscribed to that use the Substack platform and yours is the only one. I decided that I cannot trust my personal data with a company that treats my privacy so lightly, and so it is with regret that I’m unsubscribing from your newsletter.

I wish you all the best for the future.

I’m sharing this because I have similar feelings and I know of the event that he’s talking about — I actually tweeted @ them when it happened:

I was upset at the time but continued to use their service for the last month, but, this isn’t the first email about this topic (and this particular platform) and certainly not the last. I don’t have any alternatives that I’m considering, but, I’m putting Substack on notice… and I’ll have to give this more thought when I have a bit more time.

I’m sad to lose readers this way as I’d much prefer losing a reader because of something that I said instead of a platform fuck-up.