Why mnml app?

As many of you know, I just released the very large and significant update to Desk App, now version 3.

There’s already been a lot of neat attention being brought to it (Featured Worldwide) and I’m incredibly grateful for it all since it’s mostly because we’ve got a pretty smashing community around it.

One of the things that happened with this latest version is that I decided to focus solely on WordPress as the only point of integration. This is different than previous versions where I had integration points with other blogging platforms and systems, like Blogger, Typepad, and more.

This allows me, in simple terms, to build a better and more structurally sound product in the short and long-term since I no longer have to account for the dramatic differences of formatting text and a variety of different APIs, some that are in really bad shape, to be honest.

But one of the integration points that was the biggest loss was Medium.com, especially since I personally use that platform as well and recommend it often to others. In fact, one of the most popular posts on my blog suggests using it above anything else!

As a result, I’ve decided to build mnml app, a “sister” app to Desk App that’ll provide a writing experience for those that love Medium.com. The interface is different and specifically designed for Medium, so, I’m excited to build it and release it; should only be a few weeks away!

A refreshing UI and UX.

But, one of the main reasons outside of the loss of integration with Desk is the simple fact that Medium is growing like a weed. In fact, they just released some of their yearly stats and they grew 140% year-over-year, from 25 million to 60 million unique visitors a month!

That’s nuts and it’s nuts enough to pay very close attention to. It’s not even close to taking a serious swing at WordPress and other blogging platforms… yet… but, it’s making waves and the team behind the product are, in no uncertain terms, legendary.

So, that’s why building mnml app makes a ton of sense and that’s why I’ve built it. There’s part of me that strangely believes that, from an indie app perspective, it might be a more “successful” product than Desk.

But, my batting rate at predicting things like that is bad; abysmal might be a better word, so, who knows? Who knows.