Why Work Here?

There’s a heck of a lot of advice out there on the best places to work or how to create those so-called best places to work and who to work for and how to become the type of boss that everyone wants to work for…

And I’m guilty of writing and sharing blog posts and a wide variety of opinions on this matter – there’s just so much!

What I’m more comfortable with now is simply stating that the environment and context and the personalities around the table will change (and are infinitely variable) but the most important thing is that you’ve built and/or joined an organization where trust is the centerpiece.

That’s really about it.

via Dilbert

via Dilbert

In that context you’ll find the freedom (and the necessary guardrails) to be your most creative self, you’ll feel empowered and you’ll also have that accountability (more necessary guardrails).

It doesn’t have to be that confusing but I fear that most of us have read too much on this subject for our own good. If you find great people, a diverse group of passionate people, then magic can really happen:

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It truly is all about the people.