Windows: Logging Off

I spent a ton of my life working, playing, and living in the Windows operating system. It has a special place in my heart and I’ll always appreciate the time that we spent together.

But, I haven’t used it seriously for many years. And, it’s relevance in the larger computing world has shrunk, at least in the consumer space (Windows holds a tight grip in the enterprise).

The future of Windows has been unsure for quite some time and Ben Thompson’s overview, titled The End of Windows┬áis hard to argue with.

The question, of course, is where Microsoft will go from here and what will become their future business. My guess is that they’ll begin to explore many different avenues and even acquire more than a handful of startups in an effort to accelerate those explorations.

Microsoft must evolve or die, just like every other business. The question is whether they’ve made the changes soon enough… it might be already too late and we could be experiencing a very long and protracted death.

I hope, for their sake, it’s not true.

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