Wins, Losses, and Everything in Between

Yikes. Week #5 as a Full Time Blogger kicked my butt!

It’s been a long and rough week with a missed flight to a conference (first flight I’ve ever missed) and a lot of tough “dry spots” where I wasn’t inspired or motivated very much.

And that’s actually quite normal for me; I’ll jump up and down one moment excited about something and then I’ll be feeling down and out about the exact same thing a few moments later. I’m not manic; just a normal human being making sense of his work and world (and people for crying out loud!).

In regards to people, I also found myself challenged into a defensive posture for some of the content produced as well as a bit miffed by some insensitive comments that also challenged my self-control. I was able to handle these well but there’s still plenty to be learned. I have understood why people like Seth Godin refuse to have comments on their blogs for a long time and I’m constantly reminded of how darn smart they are for doing so!

Yet, through the past week there were a couple neat wins that I enjoyed celebrating (Remember, What is Celebrated is Repeated!) silently to myself (that I now share with you):

  • Blog passed 10,000 visits and 20,000 PVs since I started.
  • This blog is now a revenue-generating blog and business! Starting to make back that initial investment of capital!
  • This post will mark the 50th blog post! That’s neat. Half-way to the big 100!
  • We now have more than 1,000 comments throughout our posts and crossed 100 pingbacks.
  • @TentBlogger now has more than 300 followers. Make sure to follow!
  • Just about to pass the 300 RSS Subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed, do it here!
  • 6 posts have broken the 1,000 PVs mark while 8 posts have broken the 500 visits mark.
  • We have 24 email subscribers for RSS as well as 28 subscribers to our upcoming newsletter.
  • Hosted my first “Livebroadcast with 20 or so people joining in. It was off-the-cuff with no prep time but I really enjoyed it! Looks like I’ll be doing it regularly too, so that’s neat.
  • A few blogs are beginning to steal the content here wholesale with crazy hotlinking action. A weird metric for success but it means that what I’m creating is deemed valuable enough to product content theft.

And a few more less-interest facts that I personally celebrated because I wanted to.

Please note that I share these facts and figures not to boast in them but rather in an effort to be as transparent as possible as I built a blog from scratch, so to speak. My hope, of course, is that you can replicate and learn the things that I’m doing for your own blogs (and that’s why you should subscribe right now if you haven’t!).

It’s been a good week and I’m looking forward to starting a much-needed 10 part series (hinted at in the live event) and moving forward with some strategic architecture.

A blogger’s work is never done!

How was your week? What did you learn? Teach me something that you learned this past week!