Work in Progress: Personal Blog Redesign for 2013

It’s been a long, longlong, time since I’ve redesigned this blog. In fact, I’ve been using my current blog theme (and using it as a foundation of sorts) since early 2010 – I gave a sneak peak in January of that year and who knew that it would eventually grow into a 7-person organization with 3 partners?


But since things have changed for me significantly it’s about time for a significant change of my theme here on my personal blog. What’s neat is that the newest design is nearly done since it was the final product that 8BIT was building before we departed ways.

It’s actually quite fitting as the genesis of it was originally mine and it was my hope to deploy what I believed to be new “format” of personal digital publishing. Jared designed it out, Tom engineered it with precision, and Chris managed the product toward completion.

But it didn’t get fully built and so I endeavored this past weekend to clean it up and finalize it to a place where I could use it. I’ve still got a bit more work to do on it but I’m excited that I could use something that would give a very decent homage to my old company and also stylistically approach my personal blogging needs fully.

Here are a few sneak peeks at what I’m putting together:

It should be done later this week but only if I manage to steal some more time away from my larger project.

When was the last time you underwent a significant redesign for your blog?

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