Wireframing on Keynote

I’m wireframing a small iOS app that I want to build (sometime in this lifetime) and I’m using Apple’s Keynote to do it. Imagine that.

Of all the great mockup and wireframing utilities and apps out there I’ve found a soft spot in my heart with Keynote – it just works and there isn’t anything incredibly complex about it.

I found that this template called Sketchit works just fine and is everything I need to get these basic concepts out the door.

I learned a lot with some of my previous iOS apps (a few that still sit in the stores) and I hope to apply a little of my learning from these previous apps if I can.

One of my biggest goals is to build it with no profit in mind. In other words, to build it without an intent on building a business or financial model – just build it because I want to use it myself.

My friends and partners know that part of my relaxation cycle is to simply tinker with technology and code – as I shared here in my 2012 Year in Review as well as here about closing down a previous OSX app I’m no longer interested in being a professional developer. Although I functionally gave this up recently (within the last year) it died years ago in my heart.

It just took a while for my actions to reflect what I actually believed as well as rolling out of them based on financial need.

But I still like tinkering, experimenting, and building stuff for myself – like a simple Chrome extension that simplifies my browsing experience that I created last month.

Building for yourself is incredibly rewarding and the process is the point, not the end product. With this in mind it’s worth noting that I have no idea when this will be finalized – I’m messing it when I have time which is typically right before I pass out for the day:




Lol. So don’t hold your breath.

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