Without Fear



Oh no you didn’t…  …  Man!  You done up and did it anyways!
My brother and his chingoos are goofs yo.
And…  yea.  He does consistently wear those glasses…  but, at least his earing is cool.

I tell you!  God grants his sons and daughters the freedom to live
without fear of condemnation!  In other wordz…

Who cares what you look like!?!  God thinks you’re perfect.  Humph!

In other news…
My chingoos here are the best.  Sometimes, when we gather in fellowship, like our prayer meeting today, I feel like we’ve gone out on missions abroad like the Apostles did in Acts and have now come back to commune with each other and share stories of how great the Lord is.  The women have done their thing reppin’ for the Lord, rebuking and restoring fellow sisters, the guys have gone out into the harsh world with Shields of Faith and Helmets of Salvation and Swords of the Spirit, as Ephesians 6 tells us, and kicked some satanic booty.  And, here we find ourselves, battle-scars, wounds, and all, to sit in peace under the clear blue sky and share stories of God’s Glory.  And, what’s so great about this is that the time in between these ‘journeys abroad’ is only a week!  I adore sitting with my sisters and my brothers.  They give me strength.  A strength that I do not have access to on my own, but thru fellow believers.  Such is the greatness and power of Fellowship.  An unattainable strength alone, infinite when in number.  It’s humbling to know that we need others in this thing called life.  God put them in my life for a reason.  What Glory still bringeth the Lord thru these wonderful vehicles of The Spirit? 

Ahh.  Who knows.

And to those that I know and love that are far away from here, may the Lord be with you guys and girls as well.  Simon, Happy B-day bro.  Count it as another blessed year the Lord has given to you.  Your presence is missed, and I’m definitely not the only one saying that.  But, I know you reppin’ da J-Rock over there.  God Bless man and may He grant you another sweet, sweet 20 big ones!  Drop him a B-Day note at his online journal at Tabulas!!!

And, to Todd.  Watsup homeboy?  Fellowship with you is greatly missed.  Keep doing your thing in East Asia and eat another scorpion for me.

True.  True.

{p}  10.6.03