Wizard of Legend

Yesterday… this amazing game was finally released:

The thing is that it took more than 2 years to finally arrive! It was a Kickstarter Project that I backed and that was fully funded in July of 2016:

Booya. Funded.

And guess what… their estimated delivery date was… … … wait for it… … … …:

Hmmm. January 2017…?!

Yeah, that’s right. January of last year.

But, here’s the thing… software, really good software… takes a long time to put together and even the best of teams have an incredible time estimating when they’ll actually be done.

The reality is that most good things take way longer than we expect (or hope for). This is just how software (and life) works and this is why I’m not even mad. If anything, multiply it by three.

The game is fantastic, by the way, and incredibly easy to pick up but clearly difficult to master. I’m already loving the experience and I’m so glad to support another fantastic indie game.

Even now, as I plan the delivery date of my next big project I feel the pressure to accurately predict the real delivery date. This is especially pressurized because we have literally thousands of folks waiting on its release.

That is, of course, a beautiful thing and very invigorating… but it also ups the ante as I know that I want to get it to them as soon as I possibly can.

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