2 Features in WordPress 3.4.2 That You Need to Know About (and Use)!


WordPress just released the newest self-hosted version with v3.4.2 and it is sweet! There are a number of security improvements among other neat styling updates but there are two updated features that you should definitely know about!

The first is the fact that you now have native Twitter embeds built right in. It couldn’t get any easier at this point!

All you have to do is copy and paste in the direct link to the tweet and voila, it shows right in your content layer! The above tweet is simply this:


Pretty cool, right? For those that leverage Twitter a lot for not only their own social platform and brand development but also source interesting tweets and articles this new update is a killer one.

The second update is the fact that you now have an even more robust image caption options for your sweet media. Basic HTML support has been added into the image uploader so that you can add links for your photos and even give the credit or licensing information right in the caption.

Check out this example:

I’m able to add that easy link to the source right in the caption.

WordPress is getting better and better with each release and I’m particularly stoked because Standard 3 is built so closely to the core application which means that Standard 3 users will always be on the cutting edge of everything that is deployed.

What does that mean in layman’s speak? It means that the users of Standard will be in the best place possible for their online publishing efforts.

But, even if you don’t use that WordPress Theme you should go ahead and update to WordPress 3.4.2 and start using these two features among many of the others.

Anything you have seen in the new release? Anything missing? Love to hear your thoughts.