Standard Theme for!

You may have heard already but I want to make sure this community is made completely aware of the fact that Standard Theme is now available on!

Many of you have engaged with me over the past few months asking me if this was going to happen and it’s been really difficult to respond in a way that didn’t let the cat out of the bag and yet at the same time share the possibility that that reality was very possible.

Well, my startup made the announcement yesterday afternoon – you can read more about the story of the release there (which has been an incredible journey, to be sure).

There are tons of incredible improvements to our release – all of which will eventually make it into the self-hosted solution in v3.0, so don’t worry about missing out if you’ve been a long-time fan and customer using Standard Theme on your self-hosted blog!

The short of it is the fact that we essentially built the entire theme from scratch – nearly all of it is brand-spanking new codebase, now optimized for and their significantly high standards for theme development. I can tell you with confidence and integrity that although our first few iterations were amazing, design and development-wise, this version takes the cake in a big way.

One of the neat features that I’m digging (and that you’ll really love too) is the responsive layout – meaning, that the theme makes your blog mobile-ready right out of the box! No need for bloated plugins or scripting it yourself.

Check this out:

[tentblogger-vimeo 39043789]

Pretty neat, right? We’re super-stoked about the release and hope to serve a huge market with our WordPress Theme.

Shoot… does it get any better than this, really? I have the honor of creating incredible value to many people. That’s so fulfilling!