WordPress Coming to Austin!

Wow.  WordPress is coming to Austin!  Austin is a hotbed of high tech and the general culture is pretty wordpressy (if that makes sense).  It would be wonderful to have a dedicated presence here!

In other news, I received my brand spankin’ new official WP Bistro Mug and it’s housing it’s first round of hot javaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I’m not sure if this makes me the complete WordPress fanatic, but it’s getting pretty close.  After personally using nearly every blogging platform under the sun, both opensource and enterprise, I’ve always gone back to the WP.

Here’s a list of some of the opensource blogging platforms I’ve personally had the pleasure of using extensively (and this by no means is a comprehensive list… there are tons more out there!)

Go ahead and take a look.  My 2 cents choice is probably pretty clear, but knowing other platforms and their capabilities is good, especially from a development perspective.

Happy hump day.