Words and Power

This video has been going around but I wanted to capture and share it here, especially for my own review:

This gentleman, Mohammed Qahtani, is the World Champion for the Toastmasters International organization, a long-standing non-profit that teaches communication and leadership.

His performance is amazing but his message is even more important:

Words have power. Words are power. Words could be your power. You could change a life, inspire a nation, make this world a beautiful place. Isn’t that what we all want? Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend a broken soul.

I love that. I have seen what words can do and I have experienced them for myself. Yet, how often do I forget the native power that resides in my own words as I use them here and there, flippantly and unintentionally.

My wife has reminded me repeatedly that, with our two daughters, that the words that I speak (and how I speak them) are fundamentally forming their person and their character in permanent ways.

It makes me pause for a moment and it makes me realize how little I think about these things and yet how important it is that I do give them serious consideration.

Extending this to our professional lives, it also reminds me about how powerful the words that I choose to use with the organizations that I work for and the people that I get to work with and how important it is that I speak wisely and well, at all times.

This doesn’t mean that I need to be guarded or secretive but rather more conscious about what and how I share information. I always want to be transparent, open, and ready to offer an apology when one is due.