A Work in Progress

5 days ago I shared a post on how I had lost much of the self-respect that I had for myself, especially in regards to my physical health. I had begun a 6-month long journey that I was committed to see through to the end.

It’s been over a week now since I started (5/31) this new program and I can’t believe what I’ve been able to accomplish in just the last week. For starters…

  • I haven’t consumed a single carbohydrate or starch product. 
  • I have reduced my sugar consumption to record low-levels. No fruits (natural sugars) and just a few slices of dark (80%) chocolate.
  • I have exercised every single day for a week straight. As I shared in my post, my family is all-in on this process as well. As a result, we got a family membership to our local YMCA. And when I mean “exercise” I mean walking briskly for 60 minutes. With my new diet this is all I need.
  • I cut out (heavy) cream and sugar with my coffee immediately. I drink tea in the morning.

And a few other things.

The secret to this is that there is no secret, just a willingness and legit motive to become a better version of myself, for myself and for my family. In addition, I think there’s something very important about going at it with a very all-in attitude, cutting things off “cold-turkey” as they say, and just going for it.

But I can’t forget that the support of my family and my friends has been very important as well as having a health coach counsel me through it. I coach others and I know the power and importance of coaching but I’ve never had my own health coach – go figure.

My body reacted a bit violently the first few days as it asked me what the hell was going on and why it hadn’t seen a pretzel or potato chip or french fry recently (and where are the sugars!?!).

I cannot say that I’m feeling “better” or that I have more energy than I did a week ago and I’m not entirely sure if I’m seeing any physical results. That’s not the point. The real change has been in my diet (and my family’s diet) which is significant and will last us a lifetime if we can develop some muscle memory around it as well as a psychological change that has me thinking much more positively about myself when I look in the mirror.

I no longer despise physical self, which is a great start if you ask me. I just see a serious work in progress and I’m gaining more and more confidence every day. One step (or celery stick) at a time.

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