Work That Pays or That You Love

Another great question via my Wiselike page:

What are your thoughts about choosing a company/work that you love and share the same values as yours vs. working to pay the bills and then doing what you love during your free time?

Ooooooh. This is like THE work/life/vocation/job existential question of the ages…!

The answer, for me, is this: I don’t know.

I, like many others, have struggle constantly about my job, my vocation, my work, and how those things are interwoven as well as how they are the same, different, and everything else in between!

I think I’ve experienced nearly every scenario at this point in time (mentally walking through my career history…):

  • Love my Full-Time job but not making enough money.
  • Hate my FT job but making a ton of money.
  • Love my FT job and making great money.
  • Hate my FT job and not making enough money.
  • Like my FT job and love my Part-Time interests and the money is enough.
  • Dislike my FT job and love my PT interests and the money isn’t enough.
  • Love my Part-Time interest and wish it would become my FT job but can’t.
  • Hate my FT job and I’m too darn busy to work on any PT stuff.
  • Love my FT job and I’m too busy to work on any PT stuff.

And… combinations in there as well.

I suppose what has happened for me is that these things aren’t as binary as I’d like them to be. Or, in another way, this isn’t a problem that is solvable, just challenges and tensions to be managed and understood.

My goal with the work that I do and that I continue to do is to help uncover a deeper level truth about who I am and what I am supposed to do with my life. That’s why I consider such things as “existential”… there’s a greater purpose than just work and to make money but those things are important and cannot be ignored.

If you are trying to solve the unsolvable then you will find yourself greatly disappointed. If you are trying to do meaningful work knowing full-well that it won’t be forever and that life will inevitably change things (with or without you) then you’ll be okay with any change that comes down the pipe.

Being “satisfied” is another thing that I could talk about for ages… but that’s another conversation for another time………..

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