Working Just Fine

A neat and free HR resource for startups:

I am very interested in the health of an organization and the culture that develops within. The tools, technology, systems, and programs that are developed explicitly and organically.

But what I’ve discovered is that there are some things that are in our control and many that are not. In fact, in the beginning, most things are way outside of your obvious control.

It’s not that HR isn’t happening… it begins when you start the company. But, your focus is on building something that people want… and less about the organizational systems.

Finally, I’ve seriously changed my perspective on HR as a whole… for instance, I’ve encountered a few organizations (some super-young and some super-old) that do not formally have an HR unit.

It’s the latter that really fascinating. They just don’t have that obvious delineation and it’s working just fine. Culture seems to be more important than concrete systems at every stage of the business.

Stuff to chew on.