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Yikes! Another blog? Yes. And it’s called WP Daily.

This is my newest venture that my team at 8BIT have decided to attempt. If you’ve been around for some time you already know that there are fewer things that I am more in love with than WordPress – in fact, I owe much of my vocational success to the platform, Matt Mullenweg, and the incredible world-wide team and community that surrounds it.

Without it I’m not sure exactly what I would have found myself doing all those years ago – that thought makes me anxious as I’m not sure it could have possibly been as fun and as interesting as WordPress.

My, the time has flown by – I remember the first time I encountered the technology and was amazed at how simple it was for even those that had no software background. I was pumped to build my first ever theme and customize a few colors here and there as well as use it as a base for client work who need sites.

Fast forward as to what seems like a lifetime and I now find myself leading a company where all we do is eat, sleep, and breathe this technology. It’s paid for my two graduate degrees, the birth of two children, and a house in downtown Atlanta.

I mean, seriously? Seriously.


I think I might be taller than Matt. That’s incredible.

And yet there’s still more work to be done, more value to be created, and more people to thank (like that guy above). The WordPress community is still very young – in fact, I consider WordPress to be a “black swan” and I’m going to ride that wave into the very exciting future.

WP Daily is part of that future for myself and for 8BIT – and I can’t wait to get started (well, we’ve launched today and are already breaking some nice traffic figures!).

As a result I’ll be spending a lot of time there as the new Editor in Chief – and I’d love for you guys to be involved, especially if you’re fans of WordPress. Consider contributing a story, helping share the blog posts, and be a local evangelist. We’ve got tons of neat ideas for the community and it’s going to be epic.

Thank you WordPress for providing immense satisfaction in the work that I do – I hope that I can give as much back as you’ve given me.

(I’ve closed the comments here as I’d love for you to head over to WP Daily and share your thoughts there!)