WP Photographer Theme Released! – Contest Giveaway


Part of what I love doing is trying new things. With the recent purchase of a new DSLR camera I’ve been thinking about how best to present some of my photos online.

Why not create a new WordPress Theme?

So, I starting putting one together. I showed it around to a few trusted friends who are real photographers and they liked the concept. So, I’ve decided to release it as a paid theme.

See some more screenshots, find out how to purchase, and join the free giveaway after the jump…


The idea here was to keep it super simple in terms of design aesthetic so people could design around it and give it their own personal touch.

With a big frontpage carousel and a wide-body area for your blog posts, you’ve got a 2-in-1 system for awesomeness. It only requires 1 plugin for navigation (provided) and that’s about it.

Demo and Purchase:

You can see a live demo as well as purchase the WP Photographer Theme here:

  • WPPhotographer.com

I’ve got a special promo going there for 50% off as well as an opportunity to become an affiliate so you can make a few bucks.


Comment Contest and Giveaway!

Since I just launched it I thought it would be cool to give a few copies of the theme away. So, all you have to do is drop a comment below with how’d you use it and where. I’ll choose 10 lucky winners at random!

Ready? Go!