WordPress: Safe, Strategic, Sustainable

I was going add a few more “S’s” to the list but those three were the first to come to my mind, so, in terms of a title I think I’ll stop right there.

But… if I were to add any more I’d probably throw in the following when describing WordPress as a digital writing and blogging system:

  • Safe
  • Strategic
  • Sustainable
  • Secure
  • Style and Svelt!
  • Semantic
  • Serious

… and that’s as much as I have time for at the moment. The point of this post is quite simple: It is, of course, to encourage you to be writing, as much as you possibly can. It’s good for your health in so many ways.

But, it is also to make a strong suggestion to choose the right writing system and technology when you do so (and it is never too late to switch)!

The very recent closure of Vine App, a purchase / acquisition by Twitter, reminded me viscerally that trusting your writing to a system that is outside of your control can create a real existential threat, short and (inevitably) long-term.

You see, my decision to use WordPress (self-hosted) as the home base (if you will) of my writing is almost entirely based on the promise that I’ll never lose my content. Ever.

Forever-ever? Yes. Forever-ever.

So, even though I have recommended other writing tools, like Medium (and I’m a super-fan, btw!), it’s good to have a system that you can count on super-long term (and I publish to both, btw). And, as I share, there’s a really good reason to start there too.

And yet, at the exact same time, the reality is that there just isn’t another solution available that you will be able to sit on with 100% confidence.

This isn’t hyperbole – I literally have zero fears about my content long-term and controlling it and it being available for my kids and grandkids to read, etc. etc. etc…

Swapping to a WordPress-system isn’t that hard either, btw. I have some posts on that to help you get started, like this one: A WordPress Starter Kit. Let me know if you have any trouble or questions! I’d love to help.