Write So as to Help Other People

The longer I write the more I’ve realized how “simple” my speech has gotten. In other words, I used to feel pressured to add complexity to my blog posts in terms of word choice and less-often-used words to explain my intent.

Now, I no longer feel that pressure in the slightest. In fact, I’m the most lazy I’ve ever been when it comes to writing. If it can’t be said simply then perhaps I do not understand fully what I’m trying to communicate.

I no longer feel like I need to impress anyone. I mean, I’m not entirely sure who even reads my posts anymore.

That’s fine since my original intent on writing publicly still hasn’t changed. And, I don’t imagine that they’ll change. Ever.

I hope that when you write you write for yourself. You write because you have something to say. You write because you believe that writing helps you understand the world in a better way. You write because you do not a better way to express those important thoughts.

I hope you write because you understand that the world needs your writing. Did you know that? You might think that the 100, 200, or 300 words that you just penned is “worthless” – it’s not. You have no idea who’s really reading your stuff and who desperately needed to hear those words.

Don’t stop. Don’t write to impress anyone. They don’t really matter anyways. Write because it helps other people.