Writer? Write.

You want to be a writer? A writer is someone who writes every day — so start writing.

Those are some wise words from Shonda Rhimes who has written some of the most well-known scripted dramas of our recent time. I am a writer because I write every single day.

I am also a software developer and engineer and for evey longer I’ve written code, every single day. It is the only reason why I’ve had any success in the things that I’ve done. It’s one of the few real “strategies” that actually work when it comes to learning software (or anything for that matter).

You want to be a writer? Then write. You want to be a software developer? Then code. You want to be X? Then do X, every single day. It’s one of the principles I’m trying to work on with my own children as we collaboratively explore their interests.

Today is a good day to get started.

Here’s Shonda’s commencement speech at Dartmouth that’s fairly inspirational:

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