The Wrong Technology

If your life isn’t objectively better when you use (insert technology product here) then you’ve either chosen the wrong technology, using it improperly, or both — probably the latter in most circumstances.

And I’ve fixed that problem, starting with myself and now I’m starting to help others achieve “communication enlightenment” one-by-one — you’re up next:

Friends, my gift to the cryptocurrency, decentralized-finance, and blockchain is finally here — in BETA — and it’s getting better every single week.

But what most folks haven’t quite understood is at the back-half of the vlog; the fact that I’m operating almost all of my digital communication in one browser tab!! This includes my communication to my team, my community, my contractors, my family, and anyone else in and around my life!

One. Single. Browser. Tab. … give that some serious thought.

You see, I built this tool so I could have an objectively-better life (and lifestyle) as I built and operate my business, my family, and my life. This is what technology is supposed to do for all of us, right?

It all happens in public and private rooms!

It took some time but my team and I came to realize that the simple (yet powerful) combination of public and private rooms with the addition of direct (and private / secure) messaging is all that one needs to operate in the (future) of the internet and already-here metaverse.

And it’s not something small to say that I’ve been systematically reducing my dependency on email and sms as well as I relocate a lot of those communication needs into the YAPP.

The future of our lives on the internet is one that’s a lot healthier for us; less fear of “missing out” and more focus on relationships, quality work, and stress-free living.

I mean, isn’t that what technology is supposed to do? It’s supposed to materially make our lives better and if it’s not then you’re either using the wrong technology or you’ve got life entirely backwards — which one is it?

It’s time to take back control of our work — our art! — so that we can live better and more fulfilling lives on the internet. I’m down; are you?