Project: XANGA Archives

Over the next few months I’m taking the time to re-publish some of the oldest public blog posts I’ve written on the internet, from the very first day that I hit “Publish” on the managed blogging service called XANGA.

I’ll be publishing them in batches and it will swamp your inbox if you’re subscribed to get “new” posts — I can’t simply turn that off, so, it is what it is.


Some of these posts, like the one captured in screenshot below, will be long, difficult to read, decipher, and understand — please don’t try and please don’t spend any time reading them because they are…

… strange.

But these posts are also some of the most raw and uncensored pieces of writing I’ve produced and that I allowed the internet to read. I took them down when XANGA died but I want them to put them back on the web where they belong.

I think it’s important to share how I’ve evolved, changed, and transformed over the years and there is no better way to observe that than to read it, study it, understand it, and then move on. And it’s easier if it’s just in one spot.

An important, personal note: I’ve been wanting to do this for years but I was too scared and insecure. I’m just in a different place with it all and, most importantly, I’m more secure and certain of who I am and who I’m becoming than I was even just a few years ago.

I am proud of everything that I’ve written because writing is my art but I disagree wit many of the earlier things that I’ve penned; some violently so. If you dug in you’d find obvious and glaring contradictions between previous “versions” and today’s more “modern” and hopefully “sophisticated” one.

But, that’s up for serious debate. I’m comfortable in my own skin; thank God.

Still, there’s still a real (small) anxiety about all of you reading these post circa ~2001-2006, what I’m calling the lost “College Years” of my early CMS-powered blogging adventures and explorations.

I’ll categorize them under XANGA; you ready?

This was a timely reminder:


Be kind to past versions of yourself that didn’t know the things you know now.

Tiny Buddha

I’ll take it.