📻 — UI / Design for Developers, YCombinator Pocket Guide

Good morning yeniverse!

I’m headed into SF today to get the keys to my new apartment in Dogpatch!! Besides getting keys, I’m scheduled to setup the internet and a few other administrative tasks. I’ll be moving more formally with all of our gear on May 17th… I believe.

In any case… here’s to new (or repeat?) beginnings. And a small number of links today:

  1. Good use of funds. Miami. Very cool.
  2. Palestine skaters. Say hey. China trends. 2 decades of comm.
  3. Churn. Thrall. Liz. Bold. Asshole. Value investor. Basecamp.
  4. Call it what. Better product launch. Bitski. Truework. DashBlock.
  5. Krepling. Humit. Veefriends. Hashnode sponsors.
  6. Upshot. Crazy ideas. Capsule. Do not need. Bitski. Modding.
  7. Slack comm / landing page. Quit. GovCoin. X is better Y. No.

To infinity & community,

— john

A new friend sent me these four videos on UI / Design / Programming and they’ve been a joy to put on the background. You might find them just as useful:

A new “pocket guide” to essential advice via YCombinator:

Today is the last day that folks will hear whether they’ll get an official interview for the YC Summer Program and I hope that all of you applied, even if you don’t want to go! The exercise is worth the effort! Good luck everyone!

Have a great weekend!