If You Don’t Believe, Who Will?

Y Combinator has opened it’s early deadline for their Winter 2022 Batch and I’ll be applying, just as I have since I started the project (W2019 were under a different username):


It’s kind of neat to look back at some of the high-level descriptions over the years; every startup pivots in their own way but we don’t always capture those changes as they are happening. Seeing these descriptions feel like a bit of a time-capsule:

  • Trading cryptocurrency as simple as a tweet.
  • Community platform for crypto.
  • We help companies engage and grow their community.
  • A community platform (like Slack for your website).
  • Embeddable Community Platform

The exercise is the most important part as YC’s application is one of the better ones with simple, yet difficult, questions to answer:

Describe what your company does…

The exercise is clarifying and that’s what you need as a leader and startup founder: Clarity. We fight for it every single day because our world can literally shift from underneath us as something — anything — can happen.

I know as I’ve lived in this world for over a decade now and being a startup founder is a dizzying exercise of psychological self-control; it can literally drive you mad.

But, if you believe in what you’re doing then you’re going to just keep going at it because it’s real and it was never necessarily about how many folks also believed.

If you don’t believe, who will?

I’ve never gotten an interview or even a request for one and yet I have helped provide feedback for dozens of founders who have gotten interviews and a few of them have even gotten in. Years ago this made me upset but today it doesn’t mean much to me as these things are entirely outside of our control.

If anything I’m simply grateful for them because they’ve helped so many folks pursue their dreams of helping themselves by helping others by building great products, technologies, and businesses.

And their resources are world-class.