Yen: Designing Low-Fidelity Wireframes


After we designed some of the original concepts by hand we then began to put together some low-fidelity wireframes and mockups that could begin to capture our ideas into something more familiar and workable.

Here are some of the early snapshots of our work and our progression:

We want users to be able to stay updated with what’s happening in the markets and in their own social networks and communities.

A classic feed-like structure seemed appropriate to start with.

Being able to purchase cryptocurrency directly is a no-brainer.

Here’s another view of the basic user profile and feed.

We’ll work on actual designs and colorations later, but, messing with light/dark variations can sometimes show you things you may not have noticed or realized were opportunities for improvement.

How we present the information is critical in a new product. 1 column… 2 column… 3 columns…? What will work best?

And, of course, each post and update needs to be both rich with information but also useful.

Here’s a larger view of an expanded 2-column iteration as well as a 3-column view:

When we started, nothing was sacred in terms of design and basic presentation of data and information. These were low-fidelity concept(s) that we wanted to bang on internally and that we’re sharing with you.

Would love your thoughts!

– Dogelord