We know that one of the biggest requests for our early Alpha/Beta is the ability to have a bit more of mobile-optimized version!

We hear you… we DEFINITELY hear you…! In short… it’s coming… but, we will all have to be a bit more patient.

Why? Because building a comprehensive mobile experience is really, really, really hard to pull off well and before we can start on it we have to lock in the core experience on the desktop as these pieces of data help inform us on what we should include and focus on for the mobile-version.

But, we took a few moments this past weekend to put together some very loose concepts (and I shared one via @YENeng last night too: )

Let us know if you have any thoughts!

(This is not the same thing as a native client app, like for iOS or Android… these will be accessible via your browser on your mobile device and the mobile browser.)